Recruitment Practices: How Talent Acquisition Has Changed and Where It’s Going

Recruitment practices evolve as new technology changes the way that companies hire. Since today’s hiring landscape is often digital, it’s important to understand how the process is shifting and how changing candidate expectations influence talent acquisition plans. Here’s a closer look at how you can develop best practices for long-term hiring success. 

Recruiting Has Moved Online

Digital technologies, communities, and job boards have changed how people look for jobs. As a result, recruiters have to develop diverse strategies that source candidates from a broad range of digital sources. Innovative recruiters are:

  • Posting jobs on a broad range of digital job sites;
  • Boosting the signal for open positions by posting about them on social media;
  • Networking with candidates via sites such as LinkedIn and other industry-specific social networks; and
  • Cultivating a presence in the digital communities where their targeted candidates spend time online.

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