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Here’s a list of the top 10 articles on people clicked on in OCTOBER 2023.

What’s Happenin’ Newsletter Performance – Last Month

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  1. Icahn Out; Xerox Regains Control of Company
  2. Marco Expands East Coast Footprint with Acquisitions
  3. Ricoh Partner Summit 2023: A Shift in Focus and Format
  4. Xerox Cuts Ties with Russia, Sells Operations
  5. Konica Minolta Receives BLI PRO Award from Keypoint Intelligence
  6. Xerox Q3 2023 Earnings: Growth Amidst Decline in Revenue
  7. Maryland Office Equipment Dealer for Sale
  8. UBEO’s Jim Morrissey Talks Growth Strategy on “What’s Happenin’” Podcast
  9. Mega Dealer Finds Success in Production Print
  10. Ricoh Wins OpenText Award

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