Pearson-Kelly Technology Joins The Consortium

The First Female Dealer Owner to the Executive Leadership Group 

Scottsdale, AZ, October 27 — Stramaglio Consulting has announced Pearson-Kelly Technology, a leading managed service provider that empowers businesses to take control of their future, has joined The Consortium – a think tank for the Imaging Channel, consisting of industry leaders aiming to help the channel grow and thrive.  The Consortium’s focus is to help improve business agility for the Channel and workplaces through the Channel.

Pearson-Kelly Technology are local technology experts enabling businesses to build the technological infrastructure they need to stay competitive in an ever-changing market and help them plan their IT strategy with confidence. The Consortium continues to grow with business agility solution providers as well as Executive Leadership Council (ELC), the group of dealer leaders.  ELC is expected to help The Consortium identify opportunities, develop new programs, and set new best-practice standards for the Channel. Representatives from Pearson-Kelly Technology will collaborate with other dealer leadership members as well as business agility solution members in The Consortium.

“I am excited to join The Consortium,” says Chelsey Bode, President at Pearson-Kelly Technology. “I am pleased and honored to be part of this great leadership group and work closely with other leaders.  It is our company’s mission to empower the success of our customers with superior technology, support, integrity and value and I believe the Consortium helps us accomplish that mission.  We need to keep increasing our agility to generate and capture the opportunities to assist our customers succeed in this digital transformation.”

The Consortium is assembled by Mike Stramaglio, President and CEO of Stramaglio Consulting, and seeks to establish an open collaborative platform that enables the Imaging Channel to embrace and lead Digital Transformation (DX).

“I am so grateful we have Pearson-Kelly joining The Consortium. I highly respect and admire Chelsey for her talent, leadership skills as well great reputation and recognitions she has earned,” says Mike Stramaglio, president and CEO of Stramaglio Consulting. “I look forward to working with the aggressive and talented ‘next generation’ and believe it will add great benefits to the group and aspiration for the growth of the industry.”

About Pearson-Kelly Technology

Pearson-Kelly Technology is a family-owned managed service provider that offers IT leaders more than just technology. We work hand-in-hand with executives across the region to build strategic plans that meet bottom-line business goals, implement initiatives that make it easier for employees to get work done, and manage the tedious tasks that keep businesses from focusing on moving their company forward. It’s our responsibility to make sure they have the right tools and the right team to succeed. For more information, visit 

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Stramaglio Consulting is committed to taking imaging channel businesses to the next level with a focus on innovation and consulting services. Its founder, Mike Stramaglio, is a well-known and respected industry leader with more than 40 years’ experience in the office imaging technology channel. Most recently, he was president of MWA FORZA with Konica Minolta after its acquisition of MWA Intelligence, the company he founded in 2006. To learn more visit


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