Tami Beach & Jennie Fisher: A Deep Dive into the HP and GreatAmerica Partnership

In a recent episode of the ‘What’s Happenin” podcast, Andy Slawetsky sat down with Tami Beach of HP and Jennie Fisher of GreatAmerica Financial Services. The insightful discussion centered around the burgeoning partnership between HP and GreatAmerica, a union specifically designed to benefit office equipment resellers.

Key Highlights:

  1. Synergies of the Partnership: The collaboration between HP and GreatAmerica is not just another business alliance. It’s a unique arrangement where representatives from both companies come together to jointly address opportunities. This ensures that solutions are optimized, setting a gold standard in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) relationships.
  2. Benefits for the Dealer Channel: Dealers stand to gain immensely from this partnership, with both parties working hand-in-hand to provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of the dealer channel.
  3. Progress So Far: The partnership has already borne fruit, with both companies making significant strides in their shared objectives.
  4. Lucrative Rebate Program: A highlight of their collaboration is the introduction of a rebate program for resellers. This initiative promises to be highly beneficial, offering attractive incentives to participants.
  5. A Unique Approach to Collaboration: One of the standout features of this partnership is the way HP and GreatAmerica reps collaboratively tackle opportunities. This approach ensures optimized solutions, a rarity in the world of OEM relationships.

The partnership between HP and GreatAmerica is setting new benchmarks in the realm of OEM collaborations.


SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.