Bad Iburg, Germany, October 17th, 2022

Manage production printing of business-critical documents from a single point of control

  • Central print queue management
  • Custom UI creation

uniFLOW sysHUB 2022.2 greatly enhances its output management capabilities. This release adds central print queue management via a modern, dedicated operator UI to steer and manage all devices and transactional print jobs from a single point of control. In addition, the powerful PDL conversion process has been updated with new PDF conversion options and PDF compliance validation. To fine tune the user experience, dedicated user interfaces can be built to control specific sysHUB functionality, e.g., to adjust print settings in a pop-up window.

Central print queue management

uniFLOW sysHUB provides customers with a powerful toolset to integrate and automate their business processes and applications. On top production print operators can monitor and control the entire printing of business-critical transactional documents. This latest release includes a brand-new, dedicated operator interface for central print queue management. It combines the management of devices and print jobs in a central dashboard, to keep track of all print jobs and devices, with several new print job management functionalities. The management from a single point of control significantly reduces the monitoring effort and simplifies the handling of print jobs and devices.

The operator interface provides a clear overview of every print job in various stages, separating incoming jobs from currently printing  and printed jobs. At every stage, the operator has  different print job management options giving excellent control, monitoring, and intervention capabilities. In addition, administrators can customize the layout, e.g., to show different columns or additional job details.

Devices can also be managed by the operator within the central queue management. They can stop and start the spool-in and -out functionality of devices or stop a device completely, all with a single “click”.

Custom UI creation

Various customers might have specific requirements when it comes to the user interface. To meet those needs, there is the option to create dedicated UIs. Administrators can use JavaScript to build custom dialogs to control of certain sysHUB functionality through a dedicated UI.

Source: NT – Ware

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