About Polek & Polek

Trusted Advisors to the Document Imaging Community Since 1974!
Family-owned and operated for 2 generations, POLEK & POLEK is a well-known wholesale distributor in the imaging industry. Our primary focus is your profitability. We love fighting for the freedom of the Independent Dealer vs. the OEM! We help dealers add loyal customers & profit in a highly competitive market. We create lasting relationships. We want to do business with you until the end of time. These desires are at the heart of our core focus.

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About CDA

The Copier Dealers Association is a dynamic coalition of independent dealers across North America who share best practices and innovative strategies to help their businesses excel. Industry leaders and experts are invited to share valuable information and market trends with our members throughout the calendar year. And with the assistance of an industry financial analyst, CDA members measure their organizations against a specific financial benchmarking model to identify goals and opportunities.

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