The Perfect Solution to Charge for and Control the Use of Copiers, Printers and Other Applications

ITC Systems’ PayStation series consists of the SWIFT, GRAND and ELITE products. Each PayStation has its own features, advantages and benefits, however, they all control MFDs and charge for the copies and prints they produce. Featuring multiple price lines that can distinguish between different prices for colour, black and white, page sizes, etc.

Three platforms to choose from; the PayStation GRAND which accepts worldwide currencies, bills, coins and credit/debit cards for transaction processing while the PayStation SWIFT accepts worldwide credit/debit cards to perform these functions. The newest addition to the PayStation family is the ELITE, which combines print release, account loader and copy controller into a single unit. ITC Systems’ PayStations offer an integration with our latest solution in Cloud Printing – ‘netZcore PRINT Cloud’.

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A Modular Commerce Transaction Solution Designed to Transform Your Campus and Enhance the User Experience