At the heart of the recent IBPI Conference in Boston, one name resonated deeply among the attendees: Clover. Not just as a sponsor but also as an active participant, Clover solidified its position as an integral part of the office equipment reseller channel community.

Adding to the event’s dynamism, AJ Brasel from Clover was present, hosting a table during the much-talked-about ‘speed dating’ session. Brassell’s engaging discussions and the insights shared were a testament to Clover’s commitment to the industry’s growth and its dedication to fostering meaningful relationships.

As office equipment resellers engaged in rapid-fire discussions, Brassell’s table became a hub for collaboration, insights, and potential future partnerships. Clover’s role at the conference underlined its unwavering commitment to the industry and showcased the value they bring to events and the broader reseller community.

For those who had the chance to engage with Brassell and Clover, it was clear: their presence enriched the conference and provided a blueprint for effective industry collaboration and communication.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.