International School Modernizes its Print Fleet and Print Management Solution with YSoft

SMBs innovate! The first fully accredited internat’l school in Malaysia was looking to update its print infrastructure. The existing print management solution was getting expensive to upgrade. Y Soft came to the rescue!

ISKL’s existing print management solution was getting expensive to upgrade and did not offer the new, emerging features available in the market today. ISKL was looking for a print management solution from a single vendor that was able to handle its fleet of MacBook Pros, iMacs, iPads, Windows PC, student-own devices (BYOD) and work seamlessly with the school’s suite of tools including PowerSchoolTM, MoodleTM and other GoogleTM applications.

ISKL was also looking to replace its aging fleet of MFDs with MFDs that offered more advanced technology. In addition, aiming for lower operating costs, ISKL identified a simplified user experience particularly printing authentication through the use of their existing ID cards as a requirement. ISKL also sought to implement Apple AirPrint® capability for iPad Printing and the ability to use Google Drive and Google Print. Lastly, automatic meter collection and toner request functionality was required as well as an accessible overview of the entire fleet of MFDs including printing status with centralized reporting for both campuses located about 10km apart.

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