Data protection needs to be integrated into business processes by default to ensure personal data cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties (GDPR Article 25). A range of security features are activated by default once uniFLOW is installed. To prevent unauthorized access print devices can be locked via access control lists and scan options can produce encrypted PDFs with optional password-protection. Mobile security is enhanced by providing external job submission pathways which removes the need to add unknown or unauthorized mobile devices to a network.

The secure printing functionality allows users to send confidential documents to network printers from desktops or mobile devices. The print job will only be printed once a user has authenticated themself while physically standing at the device i.e. print jobs are no longer waiting on output trays so they cannot be picked up by a third party. uniFLOW can recognize when a device error has occurred and, if the user is logged out, will automatically delete any remaining print jobs.

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