Quantum Business Solutions Launches Sales as a Service

Quantum has teamed up with the top conversation weapon in the world, ConnectandSell, and the top SDR firm on the planet, Branch49, to deliver done for you Sales as a Service. These combined services unlock a predictable pipeline enabling you to scale your company today!

CEOs and Executives are missing out on millions of dollars in sales trying to create, control, and convert leads. Meanwhile, more than 40% of salespeople say prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process. [Source: HubSpot]

With over one million open sales jobs, you are competing for talent with everyone else. Once you find someone to hire, you still must train, retain, develop and hold sales development representatives accountable. In addition, you still have to build a tech stack and manage prospecting effectiveness up to and including reporting. Quantum’s Sales as a Service program is designed to establish a scalable, repeatable, and predictable pipeline while you and your seasoned sales team sit back, conduct meetings scheduled for you, sell your products and services, run your business, and increase sales growth and cash flow.

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About Quantum:

On a mission to modernize revenue growth. Quantum Business Solutions systemizes, optimizes, and automates your people, processes, and technology around revenue growth. Our CEO, Shawn Peterson, comes with a decade of experience in the technology services industry as an executive. Shawn is a visionary focused on high growth and performance through sales, marketing, and client experience. He is known for driving brand growth, maximizing operational efficiency, and delivering financial performance. He realizes that great people in the right seats, equipped with the right tools and development, is the most important ingredient to business success.

SOURCE Quantum Business Solutions

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