The Ideal High Speed Inkjet to Complement Your Fleet

Your in-plant’s continued operation is driven by two factors: Turnaround time and versatility. In a competitive market, in-plants need the versatility to service multiple departments, or risk losing the job to the print shop across the street. With each print job that gets outsourced, job security is threatened. Turnaround time and cost must be managed, to secure value to company. The ComColor GD series, as an affordable cut sheet inkjet, can open new revenue streams, improve profit margins, and service more departments.

The GD series addresses the issue of turnaround time with high speed and reliability, allowing the shop to hit deadlines and meet targets without additional stress. With a duty cycle of 500,000 prints a month, it can handle long runs with ease – without service calls that cost you both money and time. Regain control of jobs requiring ink, such as letterhead and envelopes, by bringing them back in-house. The GD inkjet coexists on your print floor alongside your current toner and/or offset devices, offering another option for printing to your operation and providing additional versatility. In this way, the GD can offer an affordable option for color printing to fit your budget, while allowing you to service more departments’ needs.


  • High Speed: The ComColor GD9630 system is capable of full color cut sheet output up to 160 ppm. The GD7330 can print up to 130 ppm.
  • Reliability: With a duty cycle of 500,000 prints per month, the ComColor GD is a true workhorse.
  • Variety and Flexibility: RISO’s patented FORCEJETTM technology utilizes a straight paper path that not only accommodates a wider range of media, but ensures a cold, flat, and dry output ideal for transition to finishing equipment.
  • Space & Power Savings: A fraction of the size of similar output machines, this system’s small footprint easily fits into tight mailrooms, mail centers and print shops. The system does not require dedicated power or HVAC considerations, as it utilizes a standard wall outlet and does not generate heat as toner-based systems do.
  • New Image Processing: The GD comes with an embedded GDI, or 2 optional RIP. The embedded optional true Adobe PostScript RIP supports Mac/ Linux, PDF direct printing, and remote printing from most mobile devices. The optional production RIP, the ComColorExpress FS2000C, is equipped with a Fiery digital front end developed by EFI.
  • Improved Color Gamut: Newly formulated ink offers high density black and vibrant colors, for truer color reproduction and matching.

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