Mars International, a firm specializing logistics and off lease office equipment, proudly sponsors the Patriots Pack in their ambitious cross-country motorcycle ride for the fifth consecutive year. Mars International will be providing the much-celebrated support vehicle, the Mars Rover, for the journey aimed at raising funds and awareness for The Jillian Fund and veterans’ support initiatives.

At the helm of the Mars Rover will be the ever-enthusiastic duo, Raj “Rover” Thadani and Mike “Crash” Sadoski. They will be navigating through the heartland of America, stopping at numerous dealers including UTEC, Applied Innovations, Visual Edge IT, Impact, Pulse Technology, Gordon Flesch, Marco, Loffler, AIS MN, and Coordinated. The epic ride will draw to a close at GreatAmerica in Cedar Rapids.

Raj Thadani shares his sentiments on the upcoming event, “It’s special when the whole industry steps up to support the Ride. Year after year, we’re thrilled to see such outpouring of solidarity and the impact we’re making together.”

Follow the Ride across the Midwest from August 20-25. Join Mars International, the Patriots Pack, and countless other industry participants in rallying behind this vital cause.

In addition to showing your support for the ride, you can directly contribute to the cause. Donations to The Jillian Fund on behalf of the Patriots Pack can be made here: The Jillian Fund

By engaging with this event, we reaffirm our collective commitment to support those in need and to make a meaningful difference in our communities. This is an opportunity to extend compassion and to champion the admirable work of The Jillian Fund and organizations dedicated to veterans’ welfare.

About Mars International:

Mars International is a re-marketer of high quality, pre-owned copiers. Our extensive inventory comes from our strong relationships with some of the world’s largest leasing companies. With a thorough quality control and equipment handling process, our technicians check for completeness and functionality.

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A message from Jillian’s Dad George Gorman: Click here

SOURCE Mars International