Auto Dealership

Q: What do a hailstorm, a car dealership, and a RISO ComColor printer have in common? A: Increased profits.

A thriving car dealership group with twelve locations in the state of Texas not only sells cars and trucks, but also provides a variety of after-sales services including maintenance and body shop work, like many car dealerships in the area.

Originally, this auto group relied on local newspapers as their primary source of advertising car sales and service. With advertising costs soaring, the they had to find a better way to reach customers. They found the answer at one of their own dealerships.

One man was in charge of marketing for one location, and this location set sales records for eight consecutive months by using direct mail to keep customers informed about special events and service promotions. He was quickly promoted to Director of Marketing, with the directive to replicate his success at all 12 locations. He began looking for printing equipment that could handle the increased workload.

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