Why Your Business Needs A Social Media Response Team By PaperCut

By Mikaela Copland – PaperCut: Picture this, you’re happily working on a social media content calendar when… DING. It’s a Twitter notification. One of your customers is asking a super-specific question about the product that you can’t answer.

Now you’ve got to swallow your pride and admit you indeed DON’T know everything about the business to answer this question. You’ve got to enlist help. You’ve got to assemble a team. 

You need a social media response team!

The social media strategist’s challenge

Social media is a function that touches every aspect of the business from product to human resources. However, it’s usually only one person or a small group of people who help run it and look after its customer service aspect. It’s time to put that theory to rest and make social media a collaborative effort.

How PaperCut manages technical queries from social media

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