How PaperCut’s Cloud-Native Print Solutions Work

By Kieron Byatt – Printing’s a bit different from other cloud computing services. There’s one piece of hardware you can’t get rid of.

You can’t print without a printer.

But… Can you print without a print server? Aha! Yes, that you can swap for a print management solution in the cloud.

However, doing so is trickier because clouds don’t “talk” to printers.

An on-prem print server can. When it comes to a cloud solution for print, however, a piece of software has to sit somewhere in your network to allow the cloud to coordinate on prem-activities with your MFD/MFP.

The 3 ways to printing and the cloud

Quick recap if you’ve missed our previous blogs on the subject, the software to enable the cloud to talk to the printer can either sit:

  • on your computer

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