Cost Tracking, Accounting, and Secure Printing with uniFLOW

uniFLOW allows the finance department to track, assess and charge back all printing, copying, scanning and faxing costs so that costs are allocated to departments or specific projects correctly.

The finance department can also generate reports for each user, device and group or multi-level cost center and the IT department can view device usage across the entire network.

Tracking and analyzing the usage of devices means that businesses can assess where savings can be made. It also enables the implementation of rules, routing of jobs to cheaper devices or automated deletion of jobs after a specified time has elapsed before job release, all of which means additional savings.

All print jobs are stored in a user’s personal secure print queue until they are released to a office printer of their choice. This can be a wide variety of devices or even an Océ Large Format Printer. To prevent unauthorized use of devices, users are required to authenticate themselves at the device using a card login, PIN code or job code. Users can then select which of their print jobs to release from a list displayed directly on the device screen.

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