ITC Systems Presents Pay-4-Print Parcels, Release to MFD Resellers, June 29th, 2021

ITC Systems makes it easy to sell into Higher Ed, Libraries and Government offices with its Pay-4-Print Parcels. Let us make it simple for the copy/print dealer’s sales representatives and solution engineers to sell, configure, implement and understand the solutions in a way that takes the gray areas of print and copy management out of the equation. These Parcels are meant to be pitched to the individuals in each organization that make the decision in the print and copy areas.

When you ask what these Parcels are and how does one price them, this is where the pros at ITC Systems can help. Sample Parcels are unique for each market vertical but all contain the same or virtually the same components.

As examples:

Government Offices (court houses, deeds and titles, etc.) need to have stand-alone MFDs that can easily print from the cloud directly to the MFD, have a method to pay for the prints and copies without the need to have accounts and/or embedded applications n the MFD. This Parcel includes our BYOD netZcore PRINT Cloud, a Delivery Agent, a PayStation and the MFD (supplied by the Dealer) with secure print turned on.

Public Libraries have the requirement for their Patrons to print, in a self-serve manner both from the cloud and from workstations on premise which includes a method of payment and authentication of the patron from the library’s management system. This Parcel has two parts, part one is for the Main branch which includes our BYOD netZcore PRINT Cloud, netZcore PRINT on-premise, SIP2 netZcom interface to the Library Management System a PayStation Elite (print release station, payment and interface to the MFD) and the MFD (supplied by the Dealer). The part two of this Parcel would be the other Branches of the Library which would include BYOD netZcore PRINT Cloud, netZcore PRINT on-premise, PayStation Elite and an MFD.

Higher Education have the requirement for their students to print and copy by using their student card and other payment methods. They will have the BYOD netZcore PRINT Cloud, netZcore PRINT, connector to the Student One-card (ITC’s netZcore DB, Transact, Cbord, TouchNet, Atrium), either a netZtouch QBX for print release and copy controller that accepts the student’s card and/or a PayStation for areas like the library and the dealer provided MFD.

We will put together these Parcels for your dealership so that you can call on these potential customers complete with the appropriate Parcel and pricing that covers the components of the Parcel for each vertical listed herein. This makes it easy to pitch for the rep, easy for the customer to understand and a simple one call does all for the complete solution from ITC Systems.

Who do you call on to move these Parcels within the organizations listed to promote the Parcels?

Government – County Clerk’s office

Library – Library Director, IT Manager

Higher Ed – Auxiliary Services Director, Director of IT, Library Manager

Just give ITC Systems a call to help configure the Parcels and price them accordingly. We believe in the KISS philosophy! or 314-872-7772 xt110

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