Planning Your Back-to-the-Office Strategy

During the pandemic, many organizations discovered that when using cloud services, innovative communication and collaboration solutions, and technologies that digitally transform the way workers perform their essential tasks, the productivity of remote employees didn’t suffer. A recent McKinsey survey and IDC study seem to confirm this, and in fact, show that productivity, along with customer satisfaction, improved in many cases.

As we enter the post-COVID-19 era, Gartner predicts almost half of employees will work from home, and executives in the McKinsey survey expect that employees will only need to be onsite between one and four days a week. This creates a hybrid office model that blends a workforce of employees working part of the week in the office and the other part from home, others working full time in the office, and still others working remotely, full time. Additionally, there will be lingering concerns around social distancing, air quality and cleanliness in the workplace, as well as coworkers’ health status for those who spend time in the office. Despite all this, the need for in-person collaboration to drive creativity and team building will remain. The office we get back to will not be the one we left, and it will require new strategies, mindsets and technology solutions that ensure long-term sustainable success.

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Getting Back to the Office of the Future