Printerpoint Now Integrates with ECI e-automate

Finally, wide format printer meters can flow directly into ECI e-automate.

As more and more traditional small format printer dealers branch into the wide format market, a powerful solution that not only streamlines printer management but also plays nicely with ECI e-automate is needed.

Printerpoint, a leader in cloud-based printer management software, just announced its direct integration with ECI e-automate. You may know Printerpoint as a wide format MPS solution but in recent years it has expanded to support small format printers, latex, label makers and more – and now helps dealers bridge the gap between their entire printer fleet and e-automate.

Current e-automate users are gaining immense value from Printerpoint because it records complex meters across every printer – for every contract type. Printerpoint enters monthly meters directly into e-automate when the billing cycle of each contract comes due. This saves dealers countless hours of collecting print data, calculating meters (by print categories, tiers, square footage, etc.), and then typing that data into e-automate. Printerpoint does all of that work, automatically.

“Printerpoint provides key meters for our small and wide format devices that other data collection tools can’t offer. Combined with their integration to submit meter readings automatically into e-automate, Printerpoint has been a
great fit for us.”
– Brian Walz, Marco

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Based in San Francisco, CA, Sepialine is a software company that, for over two decades, has focused on building solutions to meet the unique needs of the printer distribution channel.

Printerpoint brings modern workflow and automation to printer management – helping companies finally move beyond antiquated processes and into the future of business.

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