HP Workpath Apps, Cartos MPS Suite and a Touch Free Mobile App All In One Place

Our story began in 2008, when our founders came together around the fact that there was more to life, more to do, and more to give. From the very beginning, our mission has been to create abundance — we just happen to build software.

Each of the founders has a different story, a different path they took to get here. But at their core, there was alignment. Building In Time Tec wasn’t easy or simple. They had missteps, made sacrifices, and had conflict. Our first office was a dingy basement in Jaipur and it was next to impossible to convince anyone to take a chance on working for us. Most of the founders worked full-time while growing In Time Tec in the evenings. They were often cutting checks from their personal accounts. The strain of time, money and the added cultural and ideological barriers took their toll.

During the early challenges of entrepreneurship, the five founders relied on trust, transparency, integrity and leadership to guide the conversations and choices.

Those values remain today.

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SOURCE In Time Tec

In Time Tec Releases an Award-Winning Suite of Apps Supporting HP’s Latest Firmware