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St Louis MO Feb 25th, 2021 – Key points to consider for a successful integrated library solution which includes pay for print and copy, an interface to the library’s circulation system, computer reservation and payment systems. As a reseller of MFDs and Printers it is always nice to be able to move into a competitive situation with more to offer than the other guy.  ITC Systems is there for you to do so much more when pitching the public library sector than you may have in your quiver now. Take a look at these quick bullet points and then contact us for more information and details.

netZcore PRINT and netZcore PRINT Cloud, Print Management Software

  • ITC Systems designs and develops their own pay for print management software, both on-premise and in the cloud, it is 100% developed in North America.
  • On-premise print management software can also be hosted in a private cloud and print directly to the printers/MFDs on site.
  • Workstations on premise run the netZcore PRINT Pop-Up to name your job and release it to the printer.
  • The PopUp can also gather the login info from the library’s PC reservation login to name the print jobs (ie) Libdata, MyPC, Envisionware, Comprise and Userful).
  • Release jobs at a PayStation, netZtouch Terminal or via a PC print release station.
  • BYOD printing with our Cloud based print software.
  • The hosted cloud-based software supports files submitted via wireless connection, mobile phones, email to print (option to print the attachment or both the attachment and the email).
  • It provides the capability to select attributes such as color vs monochrome, duplex vs single sided, page range and number of copies.
  • The SaaS based BYOD cloud print can use credit/debit cards online to pay for print jobs.
  • netZcore PRINT and netZcore PRINT Cloud allows for the creation of print jobs using the MFD’s native secure print methodology. Users enter the job name at the MFD panel and are charged for the print job(s) without the need for embedded software (ie) Papercut. With secure print turned on copies and other features, if enabled can be charged for.
  • Web-based module that allows patrons to access their print account, pay for library fines, add value to accounts with credit/debit cards and to check transactions.

PayStation Hardware

  • Our PayStations are wholly developed and manufactured in North America by ITC Systems.
  • They use embedded technology to operate, hence they do not use an operating system which ensures security. (ie) no Android, Linux, Windows, CE, etc.)
  • Print Release is built into the PayStation ELITE for netZcore PRINT, Papercut and Libdata, no need for a separate PC print release station.
  • Patrons can also pay library fines at the ELITE since we authenticate to the Library Management System (LMS) when the Patron’s library card is scanned.
  • Create an account on the fly within the print management software via the PayStation ELITE (netZcore PRINT and Papercut).
  • PayStations have the ability to add funds to a Patrons account.
  • The PayStation ELITE has a method to remotely, over the network do the following:
  1. a) change all of the parameters and settings,
  2. b) be able to flash a firmware update and
  3. c) pull the meters for reporting the sales and deposits made.
  • The PayStation ELITE has a built-in ethernet switch eliminating the need for second RJ45 drop (one to connect to the MFD or printer and the other to the PayStation).
  • All PayStations have the option of a PCI certified, Cellular credit/debit unit integrated into the Pay Station’s metal housing to provide a tamper proof solution.
  • 3 types of PayStations to choose from, the SWIFT (Credit/Debit only), the GRAND (Cash & Credit/Debit), the ELITE (Cash & Credit/Debit, account cards, receipt printer, touch screen, TCP/IP enabled).

Computer Reservation Software

  • The computer reservation software can be 100% in the cloud, accessed by staff and patrons.
  • Create guest cards individually or in bulk by staff.
  • Allows staff to limit session quantity and length, including ability for staff to add time to sessions manually over riding limitations.
  • Specify hours of operation per branch including locations within a branch and holiday closures.
  • Reserve a PC remotely, from your home or mobile device.
  • Logins are held and used to name print jobs should file/print be selected.

POS Solutions

  • Across the counter POS for staff to charge out fines, books, supplies, tickets and other items they sell to patrons.
  • Touch screen with PLU lookups
  • Has peripherals available – barcode reader, cash drawer, printer, credit card terminals, etc.
  • Back end reporting and POS menu setup.


  • ITC Systems has their own in-house software and hardware engineering team.

Let our Sales Team work with your Sales Team to get the best solution into your regional or city library system. Please reach out to us at sales@itcsystems.com or visit our library solutions page https://itcsystems.com/solutions/library-solutions/

About ITC Systems

ITC Systems, a multi-national corporation with offices in St Louis and Toronto, is the industry’s dominant manufacturer of self-serve unattended cashless payment terminals in North America. Founded in 1989, the company maintains a large dealer network throughout North America and Internationally. ITC Systems markets to colleges and universities, copy/print VAR’s and other institutions that charge for the use of products and services in self-serve and unattended cashless environments. Applications include POS, copy and print control, food service outlets, vending, laundry, parking and other cashless applications. To learn more about ITC Systems, please visit www.itcsystems.com. 



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