Y Soft Announces COVID-Safe and Secure MFX Mobile Reader for user Authentication

The new YSoft MFX Mobile Reader is part of Y Soft’s family of USB readers that provide secure, accurate, and convenient identity verification.   “COVID-19 has made businesses aware of how they need to keep their employees safe at the office,” said Wouter Koelewijn, Chief of Products, Y Soft. “MFX Mobile Reader addresses the need for better physical safety by allowing their employees to use their mobile devices to identify themselves instead of physically touching the networked printer.”

The new solution has three components: a reader, a mobile app, and digital credentials, which together expand on the security and accurate access that Y Soft card readers are renowned for. The new MFX Mobile Reader also provides YSoft SAFEQ partners with a cost-effective, touchless mobile alternative that customers ask for in today’s hygienic office environment.

Read more about the new YSoft MFX Mobile Reader here


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