Thousands of Boards Repaired by Hytec are Installed in Equipment Throughout North America Every Month

Since 1981, Hytec’s mission has been to provide component-level support and solutions to help imaging dealers save time and money, and remain competitive.

Unmatched Quality & Technical Support

Hytec can help improve your first-call effectiveness by:

  • Helping your field engineer determine which board (if any) is defective on the initial service call
  • If upon installation a board repaired from Hytec appears not to function properly, please call Hytec’s technical support immediately. Most often, the board is functional, and the problem may be just an installation issue, or the problem may be elsewhere in the machine. Our technical support staff can help you diagnose the problem. This may save your technician a repeated service call, and extended down time.
  • Hytec’s technical staff receives these calls directly, and has all actual equipment for comparison purposes as a resource. You can reach Hytec technical assistance at 888.883.2001.

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SOURCE Hytec Dealer Services

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