Documents are often sent to shared mailboxes for further processing in the organization. Rather than using the “Scan to Myself” functionality and then forwarding the email accordingly, users can now scan directly to a predefined email address. With this new scan option users can easily scan (recurring) documents to shared mailboxes supporting their email-based workflows. The automatic and straightforward workflow is helpful and time saving, when regularly scanning documents to a shared mailbox e.g., in an invoice handling process. It allows users to send all incoming invoices to a central email address such as


Founded in 1998 as a small start-up, NT-ware now employs more than 130 members of staff at headquarters in Bad Iburg in Germany and has subsidiaries in New York, Singapore and Tokyo. Our products and services are available globally via Canon Inc. and authorized resellers. Canon and NT-ware work in close partnership to develop software solutions, with Canon Europe holding a 70% stake in NT-ware. We attend to customer installations worldwide, managing an impressive number of multifunctional devices.

NT-ware’s staff comes from a diverse background with more than 23 nationalities combining as a strong team towards common goals. We communicate with each other in English and German and always manage to understand each other and work effectively together.

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