In a pharmacy, the main method of transmitting healthcare-critical information is fax. Fax servers were used historically, but over the years, pharmacies slowly began making the transition to fax boards. In the beginning stages, Integra partnered with a global leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) to provide more stability in this transition.

Integra’s customers were experiencing failures and not receiving all of their faxes during system downtime. This meant more support calls to Integra. In addition, they needed a solution that would integrate Portable Document Format (PDF) in order for their customers to satisfy high accountability requirements set down by individual state’s board of pharmacies. Integra’s earlier integration wasn’t able to adapt for this need.

etherFAX could both account for this and reduce IT complexity and development effort for Integra without compromising speed or security for pharmacy customers.

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Westat Leverages the Cloud for Reliable Fax Transmissions with etherFAX