Westat Leverages the Cloud for Reliable Fax Transmissions with etherFAX


Founded in 1963, Westat is a contract research firm that helps to improve healthcare, education, social policy, information systems, and transportation through data collection, clinical trials, and statistical analysis. With a high volume of surveys, questionnaires and evaluation forms being sent and received daily, Westat needed a secure and dependable document delivery solution.

Westat works in various areas of the healthcare industry from behavioral and mental health, to environmental and occupational health, to epidemiology and public health. Westat collects data to analyze health outcomes, disease characteristics, and environmental challenges, thus fax communications are a critical component of its business. When collecting data from small clinics around the world, Westat found fax to be the most accessible method of document exchange as many clinics in foreign countries do not have access to computers or a reliable Internet connection.

Westat found that fax was also preferred over email when collecting educational research for STEM programs, education reform and special education services. The majority of schools and special education organizations trust fax communications due to the security and confirmation of delivery it provides.


Before implementing etherFAX, Westat utilized RightFax Connect from OpenText and experienced frequent downtime, failed transmissions and dropped faxes. These document delivery solutions problems wasted time and money. Westat attempted to fix these issues through support calls to OpenText, however, the issues were not adequately resolved. Westat also experienced denied faxes due to maintenance interruptions and unplanned service repairs.

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