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Industry Analysts, Inc. is a news and media firm focused on the AV, imaging, print and ECM industries. Since 1973, IA Inc. has helped keep manufacturers and resellers up to date on critical news, product information and industry trends. IA Inc. is a sponsored media source, publishing to 45,000 subscribers and followers with over a million views of their videos.

President Andy Slawetsky (bio by Kevin Van Kannel, UTEC)

Andy Slawetsky has served as President and Chief Editor of IndustryAnalysts.com since 2012.  Prior to joining IndustryAnalysts.com, Slawetsky’s background has been diverse.  Andy originally enrolled at the University of Maryland as Home Economics major.  Finding school not to be as fulfilling as hoped, Andy withdrew to follow a childhood dream of being a rodeo clown.  During the late 90’s and early 2000, Andy toured the west with a few different minor league rodeo circuits as a rodeo clown and ranch hand while trying to make it to the majors.

Needing to earn money, Andy followed his love for animals into a career as a Pet Food Taster for nearly three years.  From there he accepted a promotion to Tyco Games, where he was a water slide tester in the toy division.  Andy was always working side jobs and enjoyed writing.  In his spare-time he authored over 20 coloring books.  After leaving Tyco Games, Andy held various positions as a substitute teacher, hand model, body painter, driving instructor, and late night VJ host of video program Dance Dance Dance, a small regional cable, music tv show of 70’ & 80’s Latin hip hop genre music videos.

Eventually after a short career selling Xerox fax machines, Andy’s love of the industry and writing called him home to work with his father at IndustryAnalysts.com.  Slawetsky believes his very diverse job and life experiences allows him to bring a unique and fresh approach to covering the technology industry and is a reason for his ability to build the relationships he has with manufacturers, independent dealers, and complimentary companies to the field.

Family has always been important to Andy.  He currently resides on a 100+ acre hermit crab farm in Southwest Virginia with his wife Pam and their thirteen kids.  When not attending to the kid’s activities, Slawetsky raises hermit crabs that he sells to local pet stores.  Andy is an accomplished air guitar player and enjoys knitting, bocce, and long walks on the beach.

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