Brentwood, TN [May 17, 2023] — Transformations, Inc., a software solutions company and developer of the comprehensive customer communications management (CCM) platform, Uluro, announced the company will be exhibiting and presenting at the National Postal Forum (NPF) held May 21-24 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Working directly with the United States Postal Service (USPS), NPF provides its attendees with comprehensive educational workshops and invaluable networking opportunities related to mailing and shipping. Transformations will exhibit and present in partnership with Postal Source, a Midwest-based independent solutions provider that assists clients in managing the entire life cycle of their communications by identifying efficiencies, mitigating costs and reducing compliance-related risks.

In Booth #1300, Transformations and Postal Source will jointly demonstrate the security features of uSecure, Transformations’ CCM data security software. Born from the need to better address industry-critical issues specific to data security, uSecure offers intelligent protection that travels with the file, keeping data encrypted throughout the entire workflow. Additionally, uSecure offers true closed-loop protection from file receipt to output management, as well as full audit capabilities regarding data access, among many other unique features. As a communications provider and reseller of Uluro, Postal Source will support Transformations in demonstrating the various features of uSecure while speaking to the importance of data security in the CCM space.

On Sunday, May 21 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. ET, Transformations and Postal Source will present “The Quest for Absolute Data Security When Outsourcing Print and Mail” in room E220F. Led by Alexandria Gregory, Transformations’ vice president of client services, and Kevin Goss, Postal Source’s vice president of postal affairs and enterprise solutions, the presentation will begin with an overview of the evolution of data breaches, the rapidly changing regulations that have developed as a result and the consequences of such an attack on a company’s finances, reputation and efficiency.

Gregory and Goss will then move into an exploration of uSecure, with a focus on the ways it meets these constantly evolving data security needs and provides tighter security than even the most current best practices. While “compliance” has become a buzzword in response to the recent uptick in the frequency and severity of data breaches, Gregory and Goss will demonstrate why data-level encryption is far more effective in protecting against a breach than adherence to any one industry’s regulatory framework.

For more information about the conference, visit this link.

About Transformations

Transformations, Inc., based in Brentwood, Tennessee, is a software solutions company and developer of Uluro. Uluro is an award-winning, comprehensive front-to-finish Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform for creating, producing, delivering and tracking critical customer communications. Uluro’s mission is to provide the most secure delivery solution available and provide customers a significant competitive advantage that can help them grow their businesses and increase their market share. For more information visit: and LinkedIn.

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