Canon Expands Color Production Printer Lineup with the imagePRESS C165, Which Facilitates Diverse Output and In-House Printing

TOKYO, September 12, 2019—Canon Inc. and Canon Marketing Japan Inc. announced today the launch in Japan of a new addition to the imagePRESS series of color production printers: the imagePRESS C165, which achieves levels of print quality and paper compatibility to meet a wide range of needs, from office to commercial printing.

The imagePRESS C165 facilitates diverse output and in-house printing. The printer realizes high-productivity output of 65 pages per minute (ppm) when outputting A4 documents in landscape mode while achieving a small installation area similar to that of an office multifunction device. The imagePRESS C165 improves production efficiency by making possible the on-demand, in-house production of items necessary for sales promotions that would otherwise be outsourced—such as pamphlets, business cards and posters.

The imagePRESS C165’s paper cassette features an internal guide mechanism that maintains uniform paper position and new technology that controls paper delivery speed, preventing the misalignment of letters, regardless of paper size or type, even when printing large volumes. Realizing high front/back registration accuracy*, the printer is effective for producing high-quality deliverables that require high positional accuracy on both sides, such as double-sided fliers.

Compatible** with long paper up to 1,300 mm, the imagePRESS C165 makes possible printing of such output as POP (point of purchase) signage for retail outlets, posters, 6-fold A4 pamphlets and book covers. Supporting thick paper up to 350 g/m2, the printer makes possible the production of solid, luxurious deliverables, including business cards and greeting cards. What’s more, the printer is also compatible with PosterArtist Lite, software employed by Canon imagePROGRAF large-format printers for simple poster creation. Enabling the selection of basic templates for a wide-range of business types, including ordinary offices, retail distribution and services, PosterArtist Lite can be used to easily produce POP signage and posters in-house without any specialized skills.

Featuring the Multi-Density Adjustment Technology (Multi-D.A.T.) found in imagePRESS-series printers, the imagePRESS C165 can perform real-time density adjustments while printing. The printer prevents color fluctuations while maintaining productivity, even when printing in large volumes, to stably output high-quality deliverables. What’s more, the printer is compatible with diverse print resolutions, including 190 lpi (lines per inch) and 170 lpi, to realize high-resolution, high-quality images with smooth skin tones that don’t appear grainy and distinct, easy-to-read lettering.

The Canon imagePRESS C165 will go on sale in Japan in early October priced at \3.2 million (excl. tax).

* Refers to printing positional accuracy on the front and back sides of the page for double-sided printing.

** One-sided printing only.

This is a summary of a release issued in Japanese by Canon Inc. and Canon Marketing Japan Inc. in Tokyo on September 12, 2019.


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