By Gregory Pings, Xerox – Two things you must know about artificial intelligence (AI):

AI Investment Is Healthy and Increasing: Investments in AI pilots and proofs of concept are beginning to yield results, fueling double-digit budget growth for AI.

If You Approach AI as Traditional Tech, You Will Fail: The opportunity cost of AI aligns with its return on investment (ROI) when technology organizations use it to redesign business models and operations, not to optimize individual tasks.”[i]

No longer should you wonder why the artificial intelligence hype has reached fever pitch. That said, “hype” is the operative word. For this reason, leaders from all sectors are forgiven if they can’t distinguish between what is real and what is fiction. Failure to join the AI fray, however, will likely be unforgivable.

That’s why Xerox and Forrester invited Silicon Valley leaders to a lunch and networking event at PARC, the famed Xerox research lab.

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