Your Document Management Solution will Never Deliver True ROI Without a High-End, Integrated Document Capture System

Scanning assets one-by-one and filing into electronic file folders by hand is almost as unproductive as keeping paper-based filing cabinets—different workflow, same tedious chore. A powerful, end-to-end solution all starts with advanced scanning and capture designed to streamline high-volume, high-speed batch importation of documents. The result? Document processing that is so efficient it becomes nearly invisible.

The Science of Document Capture

Whether bringing a paper backfile into a paperless office system or completing day-to-day scanning, PSIGEN makes it simple to turn unstructured data into fully indexed, searchable digital files, and includes:

  • Document scanning
  • Document indexing
  • Electronic document importation
  • Email integration
  • And more…

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Advanced, Automated Document Capture and Data Extraction Designed to Meet all The Needs of Any Organization