CIG’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Worksheets Reveal Cost Benefits of OEM Conversion

Chicago, Ill. — February 21, 2017 — Clover Imaging Group (CIG) just launched Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) worksheets for imaging dealers. The TCO worksheets demonstrate to print customers their potential savings when they switch to CIG remanufactured cartridges from national brand (OEM) cartridges.

“CIG’s Buyers Laboratory testing results offer a huge opportunity for dealers to prove to their customers the cost savings of switching to CIG imaging supplies, specifically highlighting that there is no loss in quality when making the change,” said Luke Goldberg, EVP Global Sales and Marketing for Clover Imaging Group. “This influential testing verifies once and for all that CIG rivals the OEM in quality, reliability, and page yield, and the TCO worksheets allow dealers to prove that to their customers before they even make the switch.”

The convenient TCO worksheets help dealers demonstrate to customers the cost savings of switching from high-priced OEMs to CIG remanufactured cartridges without sacrificing quality or performance. Dealers input pertinent information into the TCO such as the impressions or page prints per month, sell price for the OEM cartridges, and sell price for CIG cartridges. The TCO worksheets do all the work for dealers, factoring in the price of the printer, total prints per month, and costs of cartridges, to calculate for customers the total savings of choosing CIG cartridges over OEM cartridges. Dealers can tailor items such as volumes and pricing in the worksheet to individual customers.

Recently, third-party tests by Buyers Laboratory (BLI) proved that print cartridges manufactured by CIG rival the performance of OEM cartridges. The independent testing showed zero out of box failures, image quality highly comparable to the OEM, and 100% of cartridges met or exceeded stated yields.

Couple this proof with CIG’s GreenSweep program, and now is the perfect time for imaging dealers to suggest OEM conversion to customers. The GreenSweep program offers dealers up to a 10 percent rebate when they convert existing customers using only OEM cartridges to CIG’s remanufactured products. Dealers can position OEM conversion with GreenSweep to increase margins and to offer customers substantial cost savings, as demonstrated with the TCO tool.

Current CIG dealers should contact their sales representative to obtain the TCO worksheets. For more information, please watch the video:


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