4 Pillars of Secure Document Archiving

Written by Joan Honig, DocuWare – What do Canva and Capital One have in common (besides being hugely successful businesses)? They both fell prey to hackers, which led to customer information being compromised.

These two companies are certainly not alone, with countless others suffering a similar fate. A fate that could’ve probably been avoided with better security measures.

Secure document archiving is one such security measure.

It protects documents and data while helping you become a paperless office, organize and store documents, meet specific compliance standards, and maintain business continuity through active backups.

4 pillars of secure document archiving

Here are four key elements of secure document archiving:

1. Encryption and access rights

The first key element of secure document archiving consists of:

  • Authentication:All employees should be able to access their documents with a unique username and password.


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