By Kieron Byatt, PaperCut: I know what you’re thinking…

“Forget 2022, I’m still processing 2020!”

Time flies when a global pandemic redefines modern business and phrases like “social distancing”, “lockdown”, “case numbers”, “vaccination rates”, “hybrid working”, “face masks”, and “you’re on mute” become an everyday reality.

2021 had one job… be a marginal improvement on last year’s nightmare. I do believe one zealous tech journalist dared to write: “If there were ever a contest for years we wanted to blank from our memory, 2020 would surely be crowned champion.”

It appears 2021 took that personally… (Sorry, not sorry, if you haven’t seen the Michael Jordan/Chicago Bulls documentary The Last Dance).

It was a mixed bag all around this year. For the first half of 2021, our Melbourne offices looked like they were returning to normal, with our Portland and Bracknell HQs shortly to follow.

Then around the halfway mark, as our USA and UK HQs were leaving lockdowns, Melbourne entered its sixth lockdown – eventually becoming the world record holder for the most locked-down city of COVID-19!

Now with the Omicron variant spreading, it looks like uncertainty ain’t going nowhere any time soon.

It may feel like 2021 didn’t deliver a lot of positivity, but I’d like to focus on the good this year delivered…

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