Secure Print from MyQ: Protection Beyond Printing

When you hear the phrase “security at the workplace,” what comes to your mind? A large security guard manning the entrance, security cameras?

But what about the printer in your office; that word doesn’t exactly scream security, or does it? When it comes to MFPs, secure printing is actually a huge issue. MFPs are those large devices that perform a variety of tasks such as printing, scanning, and copying – most people just call them “printers” or “copiers”. Whatever you name them, they can represent a major security risk for a business of any size.

Workflow security should be a major concern for companies and individuals, regardless of whether documents are being processed in physical or digital form. Misused or leaked data can result in severe consequences for the individual employee, the organization’s financial performance or its competitive position in the marketplace. And how exactly does one achieve secure print management? That’s where MyQ comes in.

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