MFP Updates Can Easily Be Sent To The Customer’s IT-Center With This Tool

Remote Field Update Over Printer Networks


In today’s rapid-change environment, retaining security while accessing certain products and services is paramount. It requires companies to adapt to higher security demands and be more user-friendly. This results in the need for quick adaption of new technologies for user authentication. One of the world’s leading multinational engineering and electronics corporations needed to smoothly implement upgrades in one of its several locations. At that office, the MFP manufacturer had installed its printers together with ELATEC TWN4 readers.


To reconfigure a card reader, usually it has to be taken out of the printer. Then it would be connected to a notebook to manually change the card reader firmware via a configuration tool. This results in lost operational time while waiting for someone to make each alteration. To avoid high costs and time lost, the MFP manufacturer and their end-customer sought a remote update solution.


The MFP manufacturer together with ELATEC developed the Remote Firmware Update Tool. This application pushes out firmware changes over the network, straight to targeted MFPs. This allowed their card readers to be updated according to new requirements or features. With this tool, updates can easily be sent to the customer’s IT-Center. There they are distributed over the network to MFPs at a specific office. This was perfect for saving time, therefore money and staying flexible for unforeseen changes in the future.

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