Levi Strauss: Processing Orders with DocuWare Cloud

By Josefine Kinseher – It’s the stuff of legend: during the Gold Rush, Levi Strauss goes to San Francisco and creates the first blue jeans. The textile company continues to demonstrate its feel for the zeitgeist and not just in fashion matters – but also in future-oriented IT solutions.

shirt“Made of Progress” is a core motto of the Levi Strauss company. Levi Strauss Germany GmbH, based in Frankfurt, approached DocuWare six years ago to find a way to manage their order processing more efficiently, to handle all their shipping documents, invoices, and return tickets in a more sustainable way. Across Germany, the 44 Levi retail stores and showrooms now digitalize all their paper records with the latest multifunction devices from Samsung. Storing these documents in a central file cabinet is a seamless process.

 Saving Licensing Costs

More than 120 GB of data accumulated over the past five years has now been migrated into the DocuWare Cloud. A main trigger for making this change was their outsourcing of their order processing into a central European service center: the staff there needed quick access to all digitized order documents. The cloud solution offered significant cost advantages over a license-based on-premise system.

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An electronic workflow that reduced a document’s processing time by 28 days