Bidding Is Open At Jillian Gala Auction!

One of the great parts of the annual Jillian Gala is the live silent auction they do each year. Attendees have won everything from jewelry to wine to Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Rumor has it, one tipsy biker even won a guitar signed by Maroon 5 that he THOUGHT his wife would love. (She did not. Also, apparently a Fender “Squire” is different than a “Stratocaster.” Again, my bad.).

With the actual gala to take place virtually on November 19 at 7 PM, the Auction starts at 10 AM EST on November 17!

Click here to register, donate to The Jillian Fund or to see the list and follow the bids. Good luck to you all!!!

How To Attend The Gala

Click one of the links above now to set a reminder, and make sure you have the time marked on your calendar: Thursday, November 19 at 7 p.m. Eastern.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

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