Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) is a community of print actors (mostly dealers, ISVs, and manufacturers) promoting and advocating MPS in a vendor-neutral approach, aiming to improve the traditional imaging channel by providing education, collaboration, and networking opportunities to members.

Every year, MPSA host their annual Leadership Awards to celebrate innovation, dedication, leadership, and pioneering MPS community members.

MPSA announced on November 1st the winners of their 2022 Leadership Awards. According to MPSA, “These prestigious awards recognise the leaders, innovators, and dedicated members of the MPS community. The award nominees test the boundaries of our industry, look to the future, respect the past, take risks, serve their profession, and welcome diversity of thought.

YSoft EveryonePrint Wins Best Innovation Award

Each year, new developments and initiatives are brought to the market, some of which have the potential to redefine the way we view the industry. These groundbreaking innovations deserve extra recognition–and this award is intended to spotlight the individual, the company, the product, or the process that can genuinely be hailed as an innovation for the industry.

This year, Y Soft EveryonePrint takes the trophy for the best innovation in the MPS community.

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