The latest episode of the “What’s Happenin’ Podcast” had Andy Slawetsky of Industry Analysts Inc. sitting down with Louella Fernandes of Quocirca, to discuss the shifting terrain of the print industry, particularly hybrid working conditions and their impact on print security.

It had been a few months since Andy last met Louella, the occasion being the Xerox dealer event in June. Louella, a well-recognized figure in the industry, was the keynote speaker.


Diving into her background, Louella took us down memory lane. Starting her journey at Canon, spanning over a decade, she then made her mark as a research analyst before establishing her own venture. With Quocirca’s inception in November 2006, she’s been steering its print practice for 17 years. What’s interesting about Louella’s journey is how she’s meshed her software development background (with a degree in computer science to boot) to focus on the technological impacts on the print industry.

Louella emphasized the depth and rigor they put into their studies, not just relying on industry trends but also directly interacting with IT decision-makers. In 2023 alone, Quocirca conducted over 2,500 interviews, creating a well-rounded perspective that stands out from many other research outfits.

The conversation then transitioned to the topic on everyone’s mind: the recent report on secure printing. Sponsored by Elatec RFID, the study underscores the urgent need for robust print security practices. Alarmingly, approximately 60% of organizations have fallen prey to data breaches owing to insecure printing, with many breaches simply originating from papers left unattended. The hybrid work model has made this worse, with breaches now spilling over into home environments. A staggering revelation from the report is that only 38% of organizations even deploy some level of secure print solution.


There’s a silver lining for office equipment dealers. This evolving landscape, riddled with vulnerabilities, offers dealers a unique chance to position themselves as experts that can guide customers down this path. By helping clients mitigate risks, they not only fortify their position but also build long-lasting trust and further embed themselves.

To wrap up, Andy pointed out the most basic yet overlooked security threat – the simple piece of paper left in the printer tray. As remote work continues to blur the lines between professional and personal environments, secure printing solutions, like the ones Elatec RFID offers, become not just optional, but essential.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.