A Reflective Dive into AI with Louella Fernandes on the What’s Happenin’ Podcast

On a recent episode of the “What’s Happenin'” podcast, Andy Slawetsky had a sit-down with Louella Fernandes of Quocirca. Louella is well-known as an analyst in print management and began her career in computer science studying AI.

Louella gave us a look at how massive AI is, discussing everything from machine learning to natural language processing. It’s fascinating to think about how these advancements can transform the daily operations of office equipment dealers, making tasks more streamlined and efficient. They discuss how resellers can use AI for marketing, sales, service and more during their conversation.

They also discussed regulatory moves, like the Biden executive order on AI. Louella emphasized the importance of having clear boundaries, especially when it comes to safeguarding public domain content and respecting copyrights.

During the interview, Louella pointed out an interesting issue – “AI washing.” It’s a reminder for businesses like ours to be cautious. In a world where every other product claims to be powered by AI, it’s vital to separate the wheat from the chaff.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

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