In a recent episode of the “What’s Happenin'” podcast, host Andy Slawetsky sat down with Brian Woodman of Kelley Connect, a leading force in the office equipment sector based in Kent, Washington. The conversation shed the Xerox production print program, a hot topic at the moment coming out of Printing United.

Kelley Connect is more than just a name in the industry; it’s a powerhouse with a strong regional focus. Boasting an impressive 35 branches across six states, the company’s ambition isn’t to stretch coast-to-coast but to comprehensively saturate the Pacific Northwest. This regional emphasis is strategic. Instead of spreading thin across vast territories, Kelley concentrates its resources, ensuring a deep penetration and a robust presence in its chosen markets.

The company’s approach is multifaceted. Beyond strategic acquisitions, Kelley champions a community-first ethos. By maintaining resources at the grassroots level, they guarantee swift, competent responses and a more personalized customer experience. This blend of localized touchpoints with a robust centralized offering makes Kelley a formidable entity.

However, the print industry isn’t without challenges. As many segments face decline, Kelley has adapted and thrived, recording a staggering growth rate of over 30%. A linchpin in this growth strategy has been their production print emphasis, particularly their partnership with giants like Xerox and others. This alliance has enabled Kelley to diversify its offerings, reinforcing its position in a competitive landscape.

But how does Kelley ensure harmony when integrating smaller acquisitions into its larger framework? The answer lies in their investment in people and resources. Acquired entities are seamlessly woven into the Kelley fabric, ensuring that every part, no matter how small, plays a pivotal role in the company’s success story.

Central to Kelley’s expansion strategy is its robust recruitment process. By being deeply embedded within their communities, they’ve tapped into local dynamics, recruiting not just top sales talent but also technical experts. This blend of skills ensures that they’re not just selling products but cultivating deep-seated relationships with clients, often nurtured over years.

The conversation between Andy and Brian painted a vivid picture of Kelley Connect’s journey and vision. Their strategy—a mix of regional dominance, strategic partnerships like the one with Xerox, and community-first ethos—offers a fresh perspective on success in the evolving print industry. With companies like Kelley leading the way, the future of the industry seems promising, innovative, and full of opportunities.


SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.