Developing Solutions and Delivering Results at Hytec

For over 30 years, the imaging industry has relied on Hytec for superior service, support and proven cost savings. Let us help you Increase Your Profitability:

  • Improve First-Call Effectiveness
  • Reduce Service Costs
  • Unsurpassed Quality & Reliability
  • Comprehensive Support & Custom Solutions

Innovative Solutions For A More Profitable Service Department

Since 1981, Hytec’s mission has been to provide component-level support and solutions to help imaging dealers save time and money, and remain competitive. It is more important than ever to reduce your service costs and improve your first-call effectiveness. Hytec provides comprehensive dealer support, superior quality, proven cost savings, and innovative solutions to the Imaging Industry.

Unmatched Quality & Technical Support

Field engineers and technicians are accountable for first-call effectiveness. Thousands of boards repaired by Hytec are installed in equipment throughout North America every month. Hytec was built on the quality of its repairs and technical capabilities. All repaired boards are functionally live tested, and must pass stringent internal quality standards before leaving our facility. Hytec’s process-driven quality management system ensures consistency, reliability, and peace-of-mind at your client’s site.

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