Tips For Secure Work From Home Printing

By Matthew Wrighton, Y Soft – Organizations rapidly shifted to a predominantly work from home (WFH) workforce. Now they are considering keeping part of their workforce as home office workers. This might present challenges for you in IT when tasked with keeping company information safe and secure. One such area is the print and scan environment. Consider the many features and extensions YSoft SAFEQ has to support you.00

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many business workers shifted to working from their homes. Others, such as essential office workers, have been assigned office hours to adhere to social distancing. This hybrid workforce trend is taking place across the globe.

While this change may not be a permanent shift, there are clear indications that there will be an increase in permanent working from home. Both technology and society has reached the point where home working is a realistic and viable option. Gartner’s survey of CFOs suggest that a majority intend to shift 5% of previously in-office workers to permanent remote positions post-COVID 19. Others indicate they will move at least 20% to permanent remote positions.

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