Electonics Recycling as a Service; Expand Your Reach and Increase Your Revenue

Make Electronics Recycling part of your service offerings and you’ll bring big benefits to your clients, the environment, and your business. We make it easy.

Electronics Recycling is an important and profitable part of the IT asset lifecycle, but it can be overwhelming with all you already do, varying state regulations, and the limited resources at hand. That’s where ARCOA comes in.

When you partner with ARCOA, you get all the benefits of a big company without any of the capital investment. We’ve been doing this since 1989 and have the expertise, certifications, and nationwide resources to get the most for all your clients’ retired IT assets. Plus, positioning your clients as environmental stewards not only elevates their appeal to consumers, it meets government requirements and avoids fines.

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ARCOA Group: A Leader in the Recycling and Processing of Electronics Scrap