Recently, Andy Slawetsky sat down with AJ Brasel from Clover Environmental Solutions for a chat that covered quite a bit of ground. First on the agenda was the industry’s rather uncomfortable topic of slave labor accusations. Brasel was candid about how Clover, as an American company, stepped up to support office equipment dealers blindsided by the DHS findings against Ninestar. Ninestar has since filed suit against the DHS and we will report on this as news becomes available.

Switching gears, the discussion moved onto Clover’s impressive product range. It’s not just about toner cartridges – far from it. AJ was keen to point out that dealers have a wealth of options when partnering with Clover, making it easy for them to diversify what they offer to clients.

Lastly, and perhaps most intriguingly, was a deep dive into Clover’s revamped branding. With a refreshed focus on sustainability, AJ shared some exciting tidbits. Notably, Clover’s knack for recycling is such that they can produce their recycled toner cartridges at a lower cost than fresh ones from the big OEMs.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.