Azonprinter stands out on the market as the only Croatian manufacturer of digital printing machines.Headquartered in Zagreb, Azonprinter operates all over the world and has achieved great success, especially in the EU and the USA. Some of the partners are: ALSO Group, Spandex, RICOH and Kissel & Wolf.

Azon has its roots in the Mros company, that started in 1993. The name of the company changed to Azon in 2006.

In addition to a wide range of UV printers (desktop series and industrial printers – suitable for customization), Azon also produces DTF printers.

Azon’s product range includes A3 (desktop) DTF printers, as well as 24-inch (more industrial) printers.As a pioneer, Azon also introduces neon colors in both series. The desktop series can be in a variant with a regular (CMYK + White) configuration (Pronto printer) or neon (neon yellow and neon magenta instead of regular yellow and regular magenta – Pronto Neon). The 24-inch series can combine plain and neon colors.

All Azon’s DTF inks have the Oeko-Tex certificate.Azonprinter pushed the boundaries of DTF printer technology and brought it to a new level. In the latest series of Azon’s DTF printers, the Primo + Neon X printer stands out (in addition to CMYK+ White, it has 4 neon colors – neon yellow, neon magenta, neon orange and neon green).

Some of the features of the Primo + Neon X printer are built-in ink tank mixing and recirculation systems and automatic nozzle check in a programmable time frame. There is an also automatic system maintenance. The printer has ink tanks of 850 ml. The ink containers are secured with chips. The system is equipped with an industrial signal light for visible status of the DTF system. It has an advanced touch-sensitive color LCD screen. The machines are powered by EFI RIP for fast and accurate color, ICC/Pantone.

It is enough to simply turn on the machine and let it do all the work on its own.


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