Webinar: Thursday, September 23, 2021

E-sign in no time! How to increase efficiency in your processes from anywhere with a ready-to-use electronic signature solution

Audience: prospective DocuWare users and current DocuWare users interested in using electronic signatures

Think about how much time it takes now to manage getting signatures for sales orders, vendor agreements, employee onboarding and other key contracts. By automating this crucial task, you can work faster without the hassle: all your documents (PDF, Word, or any type) are securely stored in a centralized database, routed properly for authentication of e-signatures, and then seamlessly stored back into the database to move onto the next step. You can enjoy this all with a secure electronic signature solution

DocuWare for Electronic Signature ensures your documents are authentically signed using a verified Trust Service Provider (TSP); choose between DocuSign or Validated ID. As part of a digital workflow, documents are automatically transferred between DocuWare and the TSP, and individuals are notified when a document is available for signing. They verify their identity and e-sign with the level of security you require.

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Get up and running with an online electronic signature solution. You can:

  • Have all signed documents, and related documents, securely stored in a centralized digital database for authorized access from any device, any location
  • Save time as automated workflows route documents to be e-signed
  • Eliminate fraud as identities must be verified before documents can be signed; choose the signature security level needed

Bob Mutarelli
Solution Architect, DocuWare Corporation

Bob Mutarelli has over 20 years of experience in content management, including creating and enhancing workflow solutions for companies of all sizes in order to help them streamline and automate key operational processes.

Jo Ann Kreidel
Solution Manager, DocuWare Corporation

Jo Ann Kreidel has 40+ years of experience in finance leadership roles. Now on the solutions team, she works to develop in-demand solutions to secure and automate key operations including document management, invoice processing and HR.

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