MGM Resorts International, the renowned casino and hotel conglomerate, has once again found itself ensnared in a cybersecurity debacle, resulting in system-wide outages. The websites of several of its properties, including the prestigious Bellagio, are currently down. The timing couldn’t be worse; many office equipment resellers, along with the press from Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS), are en route to Bellagio for their dealer conference. A segment of this conference is poised to discuss cybersecurity, which now, ironically, takes on added relevance.

Reports emerging from various sources, including the BBC, USA Today, and CNN, depict a bleak scenario: slot machines are down, online room booking is halted, and some guests have even encountered trouble accessing their rooms due to malfunctioning digital keys. Elevators and other essential services have also been reported as non-functional in some instances. On X (formerly Twitter), guests and patrons have shared their experiences, painting a picture of inconvenience and disruption.

For a sector like office equipment reselling and managed services, this incident is a grave reminder of the persistent and evolving threats posed by cyber adversaries. Such attacks not only bring forth direct operational challenges but also impact customer trust and brand reputation. The very fact that systems, including essential ones like elevators, can be disrupted is a testament to how interconnected and vulnerable modern infrastructures can be.

MGM Resorts’ response was prompt; they’ve initiated an investigation, roping in external cybersecurity specialists and have kept law enforcement in the loop. The company has experienced similar cybersecurity issues before; back in 2019, they faced a breach where over 10 million customer records were pilfered.

Casinos, given their vast troves of personal and financial data, have often been attractive targets for cybercriminals. Historical records showcase such institutions falling prey to both cybercriminal enterprises as well as nation-state actors. An example being a North American casino that, in 2017, faced data exfiltration due to a compromised fish tank connected to the company’s internet.

For the players in the office equipment reselling and managed services sector attending the upcoming TABS reseller conference at Bellagio, this incident is a real-time case study. It accentuates the importance of proactive cybersecurity measures, contingency planning, and the dire consequences of potential lapses.

As the situation with MGM unfolds and investigations continue, the industry would be closely watching and hoping for quick resolutions. The core message is clear: in an age of increasing cyber threats, preparedness and vigilance are not just recommended but essential.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.


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